CEO: Lorenzo Benini

Finance & Administration: Vania Zella

HR: Fabiola Gestri

Sales & Operations: Maria Pia Sorace

Raw Materials Operations Manager:

Giovannella Ruzzone

General Cargo Operations Manager:

Giuseppe Orlando (Main unit)

IT: Francesco Brunori

Fashion Operation Manager: Patrizio Pisaneschi (La Catena unit)

General Cargo Operations Manager:

Niccolò Carletti

(Il Taglio unit)

Our staff is all employed and we do not use external labour co-operatives. This means we can offer continuity in the quality of our services. Each Client has its contact person in the company; to work with as if we were a company department. The right balance between quality and service remuneration is our goal for the maximum satisfaction of client needs.

“Ovunque e qualunque sia la necessità lungo la Supply Chain, Kostelia è presente con lo spirito di gestire, risolvere, proporre ed inventare soluzioni"

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